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The Service Department 

Hi, we're Stulz UK. Nice to meet you.

We like to think we've put together something pretty special here at Stulz UK - a group of experts in their field relating to engineering and everything else involving critical cooling, with a shared commitment to give our customers the best solutions they need and delivering exceptional work.

Engineering Department
  • Engineering Department

    Steve Lovegrove

    About me

    When I was at school it was obvious that my career path would always guide me towards complex controls. Because at the age of ten and without any knowledge of electrics, and yes after a few 'shocking' experiences, I designed a control panel to remotely switch on all the electrical devices in my bedroom.

    Experience and Qualifications

    I started my career with Carrier as a service apprentice, I studied HVAC in London and in the last year of my apprenticeship, I became a trainer for Carriers, Fundamentals of Refrigeration, how to understand wiring diagrams and Heat Pumps courses. After completing my apprenticeship, I became one of Carriers senior engineers.

    I then decided to get involved with close control environments and moved to Liebert (Emerson Network power) where I started as a senior AC service engineer and while there, I was introduced to the power conditioning and UPS side of the industry, I found this interesting so furthered my qualifications by studying electronic servicing. I also completed a course on UPS commissioning with Liebert and with this training I was able to carry out the UPS commissioning on a growing chain of supermarkets around the UK.

    I was then approached with an opportunity to start a service department from the ground up, this was a challenge I could not let pass me by, and as the saying goes the rest is history

    My STULZ

    I have worked for STULZ now for over 25 years and what initially attracted me to STULZ was the engineering excellence and I am proud to say it is still the same now.

    Contact details

    Email: Steve.Lovgrove(at)

    Phone: 01372 734064

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