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  • By Range - Minispace

    STULZ MiniSpace

    If you need precise, reliable and cost effective air conditioning for small equipment and server rooms, the MiniSpace EC series is an energy efficient and long-lasting series that fits the bill. The units require little floor space, and their compact size means they can be integrated in existing server rooms without problem. These units have a capacity range between 5kW - 26kW

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  • By Range - CyberAir 3

    STULZ CyberAir 3

    The CyberAir 3 precision air-conditioning system with Indirect Free Cooling and Direct Free Cooling conditions the air in Data Centers and equipment rooms up to 90 % more economically than conventional compressor cooling systems.  They have a capacity range between 18kW - 100kW

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    STULZ CyberAir 3 Pro range

    The CyberAir 3PRO ASR is the result of consistent further development of our thoroughly successful CyberAir 3 series. To reach maximum cooling performance with minimum floor space and maximum potential savings, we have developed the CyberAir 3PRO ASR series with underfloor fan section. Due to our long-term experience with worldwide projects we can present a product that offers even more flexibility and efficiency.

    The units come in as either a Direct Expansion (DX) or Chilled water (CW) solution.

    Our DX range has a capacity between 22kW and 136kW  

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    Our CW range has a capacity between 40kW and 216kW   

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