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  • Internal units

    STULZ TelAir 2 range

    Our Tel-Air-2 units are designed for installation in telecommunication containers and equipment rooms. As they are installed indoors, noise is kept to a minimum and the units are protected against environmental influences and vandalism. They have a capacity range between 4.5kW - 12.5kW

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    STULZ SplitAir range

    Our Split-Air-3 is the space and energy-saving version for the reliable cooling of containers. The unit consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit, and because the indoor unit can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling, it is also ideal when space is at a premium. It has a capacity range from 5.2kW - 13kW

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  • External units

    STULZ WallAir range

    Wall-Air Evolution units are compact and weatherproof air conditioning units that are mounted outside the container and so enable the container space to be used to the full. They have a capacity range between 4.5kW - 13kW

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    STULZ ShelterAir FC range

    Our ShelterAir FC units are designed to considerably cut the running costs of base stations, they can be retrofitted with the STULZ ShelterAir FC Free Cooling unit to enable direct Free Cooling. It has a cooling capacity between 3.5kW - 6kW

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