Meet one of STULZ UKs employees

Meet STULZ UK’s very own head of Business Development, Stephen Busette. Find out more about Stephen and his STULZ Journey below 

Tell us about who you are and your Job role within STULZ UK


“I’m Stephen Busette and I am the Head of Business Development at STULZ UK. My role within STULZ is to look at the Business, both internally and externally and observe where our key customers are; to look at where we haven’t had business before; to investigate the vertical market space and see where the potential lies for our products and services as well as instigating amongst the team, and people from within the business on how we can get the best position with the people and players”


What excites you the most about the future of STULZ?


“There really is a lot to look forward to. STULZ is a technology company and there is so much innovation happening. We like to play to our strengths and we like to involve people within the space. Coming out of the pandemic, one of the things that we all miss is being around people, and as a company, I’ve been in plenty of meetings where I’ve seen the way that we engage in that level and I like the way that we’re able to pull our resources in to excite the customer and that’s what I really enjoy with working here”



And what excites you about the future of the Industry in general?


“This again leans on people. The space has become less robotic and much more about collaboration and partnerships. It's more about dealing with people who understand businesses, understand the way we work and then you’re able to pinpoint what the customers’ needs are. Anyone at STULZ would agree, that we’re focussing on the customer, their needs and what they want, and that for me is truly special”



What is your favourite STULZ product currently on the Market and why?


“One of the verticals that I’ve been involved in at STULZ is the horticultural space and looking into ways we can facilitate for growing living things from Medicinal Plants to Vertical Farming. For this, we’re working with a product called CyberLab, and for me, that’s been a real eye-opener having to actually work with true professionals to understand this piece of fantastic technology. It’s a very unique piece of equipment that does extremely unique things in that space. It does heating, it does cooling and it also provides de-humidification and it does it from 0 to 100 capacity, and that for me, is an amazing piece of kit within STULZ’s outstanding product portfolio”


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