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TOP 2016 Blogpost

The year 2016 has gone but we want to share the TOP 3 blogposts on STULZ Blog with you.

TOP 1: AER – A new efficiency indicator for airflow in Data Centers  (March 2016)
Recently, a value has repeatedly popped up in air conditioning system specifications, defining the maximum permitted power consumption for the fans at a certain airflow.
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TOP 2: Dehumidification in data centers when using CW units at high-temperature levels  (March 2016)
Most users and planners are now aware that temperature levels when cooling IT equipment in data centers have changed dramatically in recent years.
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TOP 3: The Data Center standard DIN EN 50600 in brief  (April 2016)
A standard for Data Centers? How will that work? Every Data Center looks different, there are countless sizes, types, uses and concepts of and for Data Centers. How can something like this be standardized?
Find the answers here:

For 2017 we are planning more posts on interesting subjects. Stay tuned!

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